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    Logistics Field

    • Containers

      We are the only supplier in the world that can provide the whole series of container products with completely proprietary intellectual property rights

    • Vehicles

      A leader in the global semi-trailer industry

    • Airports, Firefighting and Automated logistics Equipment

      Our businesses cover various areas of airport ground equipment, and as the world’s largest supplier of passenger boarding bridge, our products have covered more than 200 civil aviation airports worldwide

    • Logistics

      We are dedicated to becoming a leading force in the standardization of logistics industry to provide excellent logistics services to global customers

    • Reusable Transport Packaging

      CIMC TransPack has more than 20 years& 39; design and manufacturing capacity and professional experience in reusabl

    • C&C Trucks

      With the brand image of safety, comfort and oil efficiency, we continuously achieve breakthroughs in domestic and international high-end heavy truck market

    Energy Field

    • Energy, Chemical and Food Equipment

      We provide key equipment, engineering services and integrated solutions to global energy, chemical and food industries

    • Offshore

      Offshore oil drilling platforms delivered by CIMC have covered global mainstream oil fields, which are well-recognized by global customers


    • Finance

      By virtue of industry experience and resources, we provide customers with competitive financial services and solutions

    • Industry-City Development

      Benefited from CIMC’s synergic advantages in resources, brand and industry, we are dedicated to be an expert in the development and operation of China’s industrial real estate