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    News Release


    CIMC IOT makes successful delivery of intelligent three-dimensional garage built in Cedar Holdings Headquarters Park


    CIMC recently has made a successful delivery of the intelligent three-dimensional garage built in the Headquarters Park of Cedar Holdings, the only privately-owned enterprise that is listed in the World Top 500 in Guangzhou. Located in Guangzhou Science City, this project was undertaken by CIMC IOT, a subsidiary of CIMC. It has 5 floors underground and is capable of providing 280 parking spaces, where intelligent robots are utilized to complete the entire parking operations for the car owners.

    The relevant executive from CIMC IOT noted that CIMC's intelligent automation technology and high-end equipment manufacturing strength is perfectly aligned with the industrial positioning of the Science City to build China's "Intelligent Manufacturing Center", which will help the Science City become a demonstration zone of innovation-driven development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and a national manufacturing demonstration industrial base.

    The intelligent three-dimensional garage built in Cedar Headquarters covers an area of 1,500 m2, with five underground floors and 280 parking spaces. The five entrance and exit car halls are located on the ground and perfectly integrated with the green landscape of the park, no conflict with the green space and compatible with functionality. Car owners can access their cars through multiple options such as face recognition, fingerprint identification, vehicle plate recognition and card swiping. The garage is capable of achieving the unattended operation throughout the whole process via the intelligent robot parking and pick-up functions.

    Based on the calculation of 30 m2 floor area per parking space in the regular ground parking lot, only 50 ground parking spaces can be available on the land of 1,500 m2, where the five-storey underground three-dimensional garage built by CIMC has 280 parking spaces, with accommodation five times more than the original ground garage.