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    News Release


    CIMC Raffles delivers the world's largest semi-submersible yacht carrier


    In early January, the Y-Type semi-submersible yacht carrier built by CIMC Raffles for Netherlands-based SPLIETHOFF was delivered at the wharf of Longkou Base. The carrier is currently operated by DYT Superyacht Transport (formerly known as Dockwise Yacht Transport and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and is named "Yacht Servant". With a total length of 214 m (702 feet), it is the largest yacht carrier in the world.

    At present, DYT Superyacht Transport has dispatched the carrier to sail from CIMC Raffles Longkou Base to carry out its maiden voyage from Shanghai to Panama. According to the information on the website of the Maritime Safety Administration, the vessel has carried out the submerging and loading operations in the water areas near Shanghai in the Yangtze River Estuary on January 10.

    "Yacht Servant" is a large yacht carrier equipped with two engines and two oars. It has a total length of 214 m, a shape width of 46 m, an empty draft of only 4.6 m (accessible to more islands and small docks), and a maximum working draft of 13 m. It has been classified in the Lloyd's Register. The stern door of the vessel weighs 170 tons, and the main hinge is 41.6 m long and 8.5 m high. It owns the widest stern door in the world.

    The vessel is equipped with propellers under the renowned international brand and two MAK main engines, with a maximum power of 5,500 KW, which enables its service speed to reach 15 knots, and is suitable for navigation in unlimited navigation area. The variable-pitch propeller can be driven by reduction gearbox and transmission shaft system. In addition, the fuel efficiency of this IMO Tier-III vessel has also been increased by 32%, making it cleaner and more efficient. Its deck space is 6,380 m2, 30% larger than its sister ship "Yacht Express", and its load capacity is almost twice that of its predecessors. It can easily transport more yachts, including deep-water foot sailboats.

    This vessel is reportedly to have a seating capacity of 60 passengers and is equipped with entertainment facilities such as gym, table tennis room and swimming pool, which greatly improves the comfort of ship navigation and has been classified in the Lloyd's Register. Upon the delivery, it will be also used for transportation of luxury yachts, tugs, workboats, containers and other bulk goods. As an emerging force in the European channel, it will join SPLIETHOFF and DYT Superyacht Transport to improve the operation capacity of the fleet and further consolidate the development cornerstone of CIMC Raffles in the international mainstream market of high-end carriers.