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    By virtue of industry experience and resources, we provide customers with competitive financial services and solutions.


    Based on our own industrial experience and resources, we provide customers with competitive financing solutions to help them generate more innovative fruits, work more efficiently and create greater values. We’ve set up the finance segment composed of CIMC Finance Co., Ltd. and CIMC Capital Ltd. to design finance lease, operating lease and other innovative finance solutions for our customers in the fields of offshore engineering, road transportation vehicle, energy, chemical and food equipment. And through intensive researches and practices of the business mode featured by industry & finance integration, we manage to improve our competitive edge in the industry so as to better accommodate customers’ diversified demands.

    Key Businesses

    CIMC Finance Co., Ltd: it is a CBRC approved non-bank financial institution established for the purposes of consolidating the Group's centralized capital management and improving the Group's capital use efficiency and benefits. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMC, the company keeps up with the pace of CIMC's strategic upgrade, which not only embodies the Group's strategic upgrade itself and also marks the entry of the Group into a new stage of industry& finance integration. The Company is now making efforts to build four business centers of supply chain finance, bills, foreign exchange and intermediate business and to expand supply chain finance, buyer's credit and factoring business and inter-institute financial business. It also provides for member enterprises multiple and all-round financial products, service and solutions through multiple financial innovation to drive CIMC in industrial development and management upgrade.

    CIMC Capital Ltd.: a "one-stop" solution provider supported by CIMC global operation network and multiple industrial layout and co-marketing with different industries of CIMC. It is committed to service provision of "equipment + finance" for all its customers. It provides professional services to global customers of the group’s entire product lines, including financing & leasing, operating lease, after sale leaseback, lever lease, innovation lease, etc. As an international company, CIMC Capital has launched many subsidiaries in China, the USA and China’s Hong Kong with business covering global mainstream markets including the America, the Europe and the Australia.

    Asset product and service, liability product and service, intermediate business product and service, inter-institute finance and investment, customized financial service, finance lease, operating lease, lease back, lever lease and innovation lease

    CIMC Finance Co., Ltd.

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      11/F, China Merchants Plaza, No. 1166, Wanghai Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

    CIMC Capital Ltd.

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      20/F, Building 1, China Merchants Plaza, No. 1166, Wanghai Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province